Bachelor & Bachelorette Service

Our services guarantee to make your bachelor or bachelorette party perfectly special. To ensure that it is set such that it is made a night to remember, it is important that the party is planned in a unique way. Deluxe Chicago Limo provides the best of bachelorette limo rental; this is meant to make your travel a night full of memories.

Travel in Style.

Your first class bachelorette limo will offer to drop or pick you up either from your hotel, home or anywhere you may wish. The professionals that we work with are fantastic; they all are courteous and ready to do cater for any of your needs without a whim.

Travel at ease without having to care about driving.

There are those moments that you may want to have lots of fun as you travel from one place to another. Our chauffeurs are always at your service and will be pleased to drive you to any destination at any time. You are at liberty to do have all the fun in the world like; getting drunk, having a blast any anything that makes you enjoy. You do not need to worry about safety since this is the one experience that is safest.

Find it speck and span all the time.

To provide the best limo for your bachelorette party, cleanliness is the first thing that comes in our list. We try to make it so hard for anyone to find even a speck of dust anywhere in your limo in Northern VA. To achieve this we have special staff personnel who are responsible for ensuring that everything in your limo is kept in check.

Best deals with Packages.

For pricing purposes it is advised that the early you book the better. Bachelorette limo packages are provided for in a number of occasions, this makes it important to make bookings in advance. Try and book 3 to 4 weeks earlier to get yourself the best deal. Each of the packages comes with a combination of services that offers you more at a fairly lesser price. The fact that there is need to take large gatherings, full packages cater for bachelor and bachelorette.

For Bachelors:

Are you thinking about having your bachelor party soon? Is everything in place, and the only thing that seems to be missing is a good quality means of transport? If the answer is yes, then there is a solution for you: Deluxe Chicago Limo.

If you want to make a grand appearance with your friends, and leave people marveling about your style, then you should consider booking with us soon! You will get a limo that is classy and stands out to make your bachelor party one of the most memorable events of your life.

If you plan to have a big party including your friends, then you can opt for a party bus. It is not just a bus, but a live discotheque that has wheels. You can fit 20 passengers in this party bus, and get things started even before you get to the main venue. It is spacious enough to allow easy movement for the ultimate fun!

You will get everything you have ever wished for if you use our bus rentals in Chicago. The party buses are equipped with flat screen televisions, built in bars, the best stereo sound, laser lights, wooden floors that allow you to dance, and guess what? They even have dance poles to spice up your party. the buses provide you with an opportunity to enjoy the dance floor exclusively with your friends, without getting interrupted by uninvited people.

A professional chauffeur, dressed well for the occasion will attend to your needs and see to it that all your friends are comfortable. You will then be driven around to the location of your choice. You do not have to worry about getting through heavy traffic and securing parking. All that is taken care of to allow you and your friends to have fun without stress. And even after the party is over, you will all be dropped securely to your respective locations by the chauffeur. We give priority to your safety and enjoyment. All you need to do is tell us the date and time when you need our services, and we will work out everything.